The difference of welding rod, welding piece and welding wire

- Mar 11, 2021-

The difference of welding rod, welding piece and welding wire


1. Different uses:

1. The purpose of the electrode: In the narrow or poorly ventilated occasions, acid electrode or low-dust electrode should be selected. For structures with heavy welding workload, high-efficiency electrodes, such as iron powder electrodes, high-efficiency gravity electrodes, etc., should be used when conditions permit, or special electrodes such as the top electrode and the vertical downward electrode should be replaced to increase the welding rate.

2. The use of welding wire: mainly used for repairing some parts that are not heat-resistant. When welding repair, the temperature is generally controlled at about 40, the wall thickness is 0.4-0.5 mm, and the maximum is no more than 100 tons.

3. The purpose of the welding piece: mainly used in gas flame, high frequency, resistance, furnace and other brazing methods, brazing copper, copper alloys and steel, cast iron, cemented carbide, etc.

Second, the overview is different:

1. Overview of the welding rod: The welding rod melts and fills the metal strip at the joint of the welding workpiece during gas welding or electric welding. The material of the electrode is usually the same as the material of the workpiece.

2. Overview of welding wire: Welding wire is used as a filler metal or as a wire welding material for conducting electricity at the same time.

3. Overview of the soldering piece: Phosphorus copper, oxygen-free copper, copper solder (welding wire, electrode, welding ring) silver-free soldering wire with special strength requirements.

Three, the materials are different:

1. The material of the welding rod: the welding rod is a molten electrode coated with a coating for arc welding of the welding rod. It is composed of two parts: the coating and the welding core.

2. The material of the welding wire: in gas welding and tungsten gas shielded arc welding, the welding wire is replaced with metal; in submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and other molten electrode gas shielded arc welding, the welding wire is both filler metal and conductive. electrode. The surface of the welding wire is not coated with anti-oxidation flux.

3. The material of the soldering piece: It is a copper-zinc alloy solder.

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