The history of the development of nail-making equipment in China

- Mar 25, 2021-

Since the advent of nails, they have been commonly used hardware, ranging from simple packaging boxes to complex furniture production, house construction, and decoration. But to ask when the nail making machine appeared in China, few people know.

Today we will give you a brief introduction to the development of nail making machines in China.

In 1920, a British businessman opened the Tongcheng Nail Factory in Shanghai, transporting 10 old nail-making machines from the British mainland, and using imported raw materials to produce round nails. Since then, the development of nail-making equipment has kicked off in China. Since round nails were first introduced into China from foreign countries, many places still call round nails foreign nails.

The nail making machine can actually produce nails below its nominal specifications. That is to say, the big nail making machine can produce small nails, but the small nail making machine cannot produce big nails. But then again, it is very uneconomical to produce small nails with a large nail making machine. As the saying goes, it is a big horse-drawn cart. The cost has gone up, but the tonnage of nail making is much smaller.

In recent years, the domestic nail-making machinery industry has also achieved very rapid development, so all kinds of nail-making machinery and equipment in the market are constantly introducing new ones, including functional renovations and improvements in materials.

With the improvement of production efficiency requirements of nail manufacturers, the high-speed nail making machine came out in 2009 under the continuous efforts of our company's R&D personnel.

The length of the nail is measured in inches according to international standards. The “inch” here refers to inches instead of market inches, but in our country, it is calculated in millimeters. 1 inch is equal to 25.4 mm, which is used most of the time. International standards are commonly known as 1-inch nails, 2-inch nails, 3-inch nails, and 4-inch nails. The corresponding nail making machines are also called 711, 712, 713, and 714. However, some people call them according to domestic standards, and the corresponding ones are 25A, 50A, 70A, and 100A.