The market for the nail market is promising in the Middle East

- Sep 27, 2019-

The UAE is the center of the construction industry in the Middle East. At present, there is a large demand for construction projects. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, construction sites are everywhere, and the demand for coils is increasing. In the next 20 years, the population of Saudi Arabia will double. According to statistics on housing and commercial buildings, despite the financial gap between them, nearly 2,000 buildings will be completed in Dubai. The statistics for the market recovery will remain strong and will boost local The market demand for construction machinery, hardware and tools is enduring. Established confidence.

According to the analysis of senior professionals in the industry, the contract value of construction and infrastructure projects in the Eastern Gulf region will reach US$114 billion in the next year. Indirectly, the demand for the nails is at least 400 million tons, and the amount of related projects under construction. As much as $1,368.4 billion, both have grown substantially. Such market conditions have contributed to the rapid growth in the demand for coils, threaded nails and polished rods in the Middle East, especially in the UAE.