The operating procedures of the automatic steel wire drawing machine

- Mar 02, 2021-

The operating procedures of the automatic steel wire drawing machine!

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1. Job requirements for the staff of the steel wire drawing machine:

1. The operator must perform productive processing operations on the designated equipment, and it is strictly forbidden for non-local personnel to operate on the machine or operate in series.

2. The operator must be familiar with the basic technical parameters and performance indicators of this equipment.

3. Operators must be loyal to their duties, conscientious and responsible, and be proficient in the operation, maintenance and maintenance of this equipment.

4. Operators must continue to summarize and learn, and seek continuous improvement of their own quality.

Second, the safe operation of the steel wire drawing machine personnel

1. Two limit screws of the ground stroke striker of machine tool electrical equipment;

2. During the operation of the machine tool, it is forbidden to touch the handwheels, handles and electrical buttons at will to avoid accidents; it is forbidden to touch the moving parts with hands; tools and other objects are not allowed on the workbench;

3. The safety devices such as the wheel guard and belt guard of the machine tool must be intact and must not be removed at will. All fixing screws of the guard should only be tightened;

4. When starting the grinding wheel, no one is allowed to stand in front of the grinding wheel to avoid accidents;

5. When repairing or inspecting the machine tool, the power supply of the machine tool must be cut off;

6. When the grinding wheel or the wire drawing knife of the wire drawing machine is fed, it should be steady and slow to ensure safety. The bed surface, straightening machine guide rail, etc. should be refueled frequently;

7. Before starting the machine tool, the grinding wheel or drawing knife should be away from the grinding roller for a certain distance, and the electrical appliances should be at the stop position. The grinding roller bushing, grinding roller bearing and stroke striker must be adjusted and tightened properly;

8. After the wire drawing is completed, exit the cutter first, then stop, unload the roller of the wire drawing machine and place it on the skid. If it is not in use, apply anti-rust oil.

3. Warranty of steel bar drawing machine equipment:

⑴. Keep the exterior of the equipment clean and sanitary, and check whether the gas supply pipeline and quick coupling are in good condition.

⑵, the upper and lower bearing seats and the lifting screw lubrication (lubricating the grease gun).

⑶. Drain the water in the air filter.