The process of installing the mold on the punching machine

- Mar 16, 2021-

The process of installing the mold on the punching machine


1)  Before installation, first confirm that the cutting edge of the mold is sharp, there is no chipping on the cutting edge of the die, and there is no missing corner on the punch. If there is chipping or chipping, please sharpen the knife first. 

2)  Before closing the mold, a silicon steel sheet should be inserted between the upper and lower molds to prevent damage to the knife edge due to the handling process. 

3)  Before installing the punch on the mold, use oilstone to grind off the burrs on the bottom and top, and clean up the garbage with cloth strips. If there are burrs or rubbish on the upper and lower planes of the mold, it will cause the punching burrs to be out of tolerance. 

4)  Adjust the stroke of the slide block to a proper position to compress the upper mold. The upper surface of the mold handle or mold base must be closely attached to the bottom surface of the slide block, and the lower mold pressure plate screws are gently pressed. Then, adjust the slider upwards and take out the silicon steel sheet in the middle. Loosen the screws of the lower mold pressing plate and adjust the slider downwards until the punch enters the female mold by 3 to 4 mm, and then tighten the screws of the lower mold pressing plate. When punching a new die, the punch must enter the female die by 3 to 4mm, otherwise, the punch will collapse or the die will burst. 

5)  Raise the slide block to the top dead center position, adjust the punching rod stop screw until the tightness is appropriate, and then idling several times to observe whether the mold and the various mechanisms of the punch are working properly. If there are no abnormalities, you can start production.

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