The role of the code nail

- Sep 11, 2019-

The code nails are generally made of galvanized iron wire, similar to staples, and the models generally have a J-head representation. It is a kind of pneumatic gun nail, mainly used in engineering, home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, leather, shoe making and other industries.

     There are two types of code nails, long code nails and wide code nails.

     Long-size nails are usually very narrow but long. Long-size nails usually function as T-nails. The model number is 422-yard nails, which are usually used for logistics wood frames.

     The wide coded pin serves to secure the thinner member to the wooden structure. For example, large-format advertising stickers, sofa bandages, and wire troughs. Whether it is a long-size nail or a wide-stamped nail, the nail is usually used for internal parts that are not required for appearance (logistics wooden frame) or invisible because it will leave a nail head similar to a staple. (Sofa bandage, wire trough).