The suitable crowd for horizontal wire drawing machine and continuous wire drawing machine

- Jul 27, 2020-

If you want to make nails, there is no shortage of finished nail wires. There are two main sources of nail wires: the first is to buy finished nail wires. Although this method will reduce a part of the profit, it is better than convenient and troublesome. Save the investment in wire drawing equipment, you can put all the funds and energy into nail production. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not available everywhere. If you buy from other places, it will further increase the cost; the second is to buy wire drawing This method can not only further save profits from the production of nail wires, but the most important thing is that this method is suitable for all parts of the country, because its raw material is about 6mm steel bar. This kind of material is everywhere. They are all sold and are a very common raw material.

Wire drawing equipment is indispensable for making nail wire by yourself. Wire drawing equipment is divided into many types: horizontal wire drawing machine, continuous wire drawing machine, double-roll wire drawing machine, chain wire drawing machine, etc. Simply distinguishing these devices will find that one is the application and new rebar, and the other is the application and recycling of the old rebar.

LW1-6-550滑轮式拉丝机Horizontal wire drawing machine: mainly suitable for small-scale nail-making or nail-making factories that are just starting out. Its advantages are small footprint, low cost, fast speed, and easy operation; even if you don’t have knowledge about machinery, it will take half a day to learn how to operate it, which indirectly makes the workers very quick to get started.

Continuous wire drawing machine: Mainly suitable for large-scale nail making or wholesale steel wire and iron wire. Its advantages are energy saving, labor saving, and high efficiency. A set of continuous wire drawing machine can supply the production of multiple nail making machines, and even the excess nail wire can be sold to the outside.


After such a simple introduction, I believe you should know which wire drawing equipment to choose. Some customers call directly and say that they want the best one. I repeat it again: The choice of mechanical equipment must be suitable for you. You must know the best Good is not necessarily the best for you. If you want a more detailed understanding of wire drawing equipment, then call us and we will tailor a set of the most suitable equipment for you.


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