The difference between traditional ordinary round nails and coils

- Aug 20, 2019-

Traditional nails require a hammer to be used, which is laborious and time consuming, and is not precise enough to be more easily beaten, and the scrolling nails eliminate all these shortcomings.


     The design of the nail is very rational. This nail is popular because of its novel design and application. It is an ideal replacement for ordinary round nails.


     Rolling nails are widely used in construction, decoration, decoration, decoration, nailless nails, no nail marks after laying, and are suitable for high-end decoration industry. Mainly used in furniture production and various wood products, furniture manufacturing for sofa chairs, sofa cloth and leather. The decoration industry is used for ceilings, thin plates, etc. The wooden box industry is used for outer sheet metal cement nails. The shape is very similar to the round nails. The head is slightly thicker. It is suitable for soft and hard wood, bamboo parts, ordinary plastics, earth wall sanding. , repair furniture, packaging wooden boxes, etc.


     The application of the application of the nail is very extensive, and the fields involved are also very numerous, so its market is very large and the development is very rapid.