Use of welding wire

- Jan 14, 2021-

Use of welding wire

Welding wire is generally supplied in the form of wire reel, wire coil and wire drum. 

The surface of the welding wire must be smooth and flat. If the welding wire is rusty, the surface oxide scale must be removed by a wire rust remover before it can be used. 

For the same type of welding wire, when using Ar-O2 as shielding gas welding, the chemical composition of the deposited metal is not much different from that of the welding wire, but when using CO2 as shielding gas welding, the Mn and Si in the deposited metal And the content of other deoxidizing elements will be greatly reduced, so care should be taken when selecting welding wire and shielding gas. 

Under normal circumstances, solid-cored welding wire and flux-cored welding wire are not sensitive Before welding, the weldment should be degreasing and derusting. 

After purchase, the welding wire should be stored in a special welding material warehouse (the relative humidity in the warehouse should be less than 60%). For un-coppered welding wire or flux-cored welding wire that has been opened, it should be used within half a year if there is no special welding material warehouse.

When welding with flux protection, the flux should be dried before use; when welding with gas protection, the water content in the gas should be controlled. When the wind speed is greater than 2m/s, the welding should be stopped.

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