What are the main uses of roll nails?

- Apr 10, 2020-


With the improvement of people's living standards, there has also been a great improvement in material aspects, and the frequency of furniture replacement is also increasing. Roll nails are a product used in many industries, and the consumption is also very large, so the market development is very Quickly, let's take a look at the application of roll nails.

  Mainly used for furniture production and various wood products, furniture manufacturing is used for sofas, sand releases and leather. It is suitable for soft and hard wood, bamboo devices, ordinary plastics, earth wall sand-turning, repairing furniture, packaging wooden boxes, etc. It is widely used in the building decoration industry, the decoration industry is used for ceilings, thin plates, etc., and the wooden box industry is used for the outer thin plate cement steel nails. The shape is very similar to the round nails, and the head is slightly thicker.

  It is composed of multiple single nails and connecting pieces with the same shape. The connecting pieces are generally copper-plated iron wire, which is at a β angle to the centerline of the nail rod. Nail improves efficiency. Wear goggles when using the nail gun, because the dust generated by the exhaust of the nail gun, improper operation of the nail gun will damage the eyes, so you must wear goggles when using it, and the front and sides must be maintained .

  Coil nail design is novel and widely used, it is an ideal replacement product for ordinary traditional round nails. It is widely used in construction, decoration, decoration, and decoration, without nail head nails, no nail marks after being laid, and its characteristics are suitable for advanced decoration industry.

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