What are the types and uses of nails commonly used in home decoration?

- Mar 23, 2020-

Speaking of nails, I believe everyone is very familiar with it. It is an essential tool in our lives. It is mainly involved in the decoration and engineering construction industry. As demand increases, the types of nails are also increasing. So today I will take a look at the types and uses of nails commonly used in home decoration.

1. Corrugated nails: used to connect wood components, and fix asbestos tiles, plastic tiles;

2. Steel nails: mainly used for cement wall, ground and surface material connection and grass-roots structure fixing. Steel nails have high strength and are not easy to deform. Ordinary wall does not need to be drilled and drilled. It is convenient to use, but the cost is high, the number of models is small, and the amount of decoration is not large.

3. Round nail strength: It is mainly used for fixing the basic structure. Round nails have low strength and are easy to deform. They must be drilled and drilled. The price is low and the models are all used.

4. Straight nails: mainly used for fixing the surface sheet. Need to use a special straight nail gun, low price, not easy to decompose, and can improve work efficiency and use. Nail holes are not easy to polish when fixing the surface layer board, which not only reduces the difficulty of later paint work, but also increases the decorative effect.

5. Nail: It is mainly used for fixing the base decorative panel. Need to use a special nail gun, low price, not easy to sturdy.

6. The principle is that the ring cylinder (or the like) around the bolt is deformed (expanded) by the compression compression of the inner bolt, and the more it is deformed and deformed, it is finally fixed in the hole. When using expansion bolts, please pay attention to: 1) the difference between the hole diameter and the ring inclination should not be too large; 2) the hole material should not be too soft.

The above is all the six kinds of nails commonly used in our life, I hope to help everyone. SSS Hardware is a foreign trade company specializing in manufacturing high speed nail making machines and various nails, Has a twelve-year operating history, and has our customers all over the world. We sincerely look forward to your inquiries.