What elements do good nail making depend on?

- Apr 27, 2020-

It is called good nails because it requires that all aspects of nails are excellent and able to meet the requirements. But this is not an easy task, it must be combined with various elements. The main ones are raw materials and nail making machines. For ordinary iron nails, most of the raw materials are finished rolled steel bars, and some of them are used steel bars. Differences in materials can also affect the quality of nails. To say that the ideal is absolutely 195 # steel wire. Once the material is too hard or too soft, nails will have many problems.

The quality of the nail making machine depends on its performance, which involves its structural design. The nail making machine is mainly composed of a cutting mechanism and a pay-off mechanism. The former should be located in the gap between the left and right shafts of the nail making machine and connected by a connecting rod. Usually located in front of the nail making machine. Used to store wires.

The core is the driving mechanism of the nail making machine. To have good nails, the nail making machine must be stable. The size transmission system guarantees this. It is both stable and high in transmission efficiency, and is a key factor in making high-quality nails.

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