What is the working principle of the thread rolling machine

- Apr 08, 2020-

        The thread rolling machine is a kind of multi-functional cold extrusion forming machine. The thread rolling machine can roll the thread, straight grain and diagonal grain of the workpiece in the cold state within the rolling pressure range; roll the straight tooth, oblique tooth and helical spline gear; straighten, reduce the diameter, roll off and all kinds of forming rolling. The thread machine has a safe and reliable electro-hydraulic execution and control system, which can make each working cycle choose from three modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

        The cold rolling process is an advanced non cutting process, which can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of the workpiece. The radial compressive stress produced during the processing can significantly improve the fatigue strength and torsional strength of the workpiece. It is an ideal process with high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption.

        The principle of cold rolling small module involute spline on the rolling machine. 50. R is a pair of involute rolling wheels with the same parameters, which are respectively installed on two spindles of the rolling machine, and can rotate synchronously in the same direction under the drive of the transmission mechanism. 

        The R wheel can be driven by the oil cylinder for radial feed movement, and the L wheel can be adjusted by the adjustment mechanism to coincide with the indentation of R wheel on the P surface of the workpiece. Workpiece P is clamped by two central holes, and the axial movement of workpiece can be achieved by adjusting the fixture. When the fixture is stressed, it can swing a Φ angle around the axis parallel to the spindle of the machine tool through o point on the fixture, so as to ensure that the workpiece is always kept in the free rolling state with the two rolling wheels during the cold rolling process, and at the same time, it is easy to clamp the workpiece.

        The structural dimension, shape and position tolerance and technical requirements of the rolling wheel shall be formulated with reference to the rolling wheel and the cylindrical measuring gear. The common normal length or cross bar Distance m of the rolling wheel shall be calculated according to the spline data in the process of gear manufacturing. The required material can be Cr12MoV (hardness 59-62hrc