What should we pay attention to after working

- Jul 04, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, many industrial machinery has developed rapidly in terms of technology. The coil nail machine has been recognized by the market with its own unique technology. This article introduces to everyone what needs attention after the work of the nailing machine.


1. After the introduction, pay attention to maintenance and repair. Check the lubricating oil on the inner shaft lubrication part of the machine every day.

2, must be handled gently in the operation, can not be dropped on the equipment.

3. The tool is returned after the job ends.

4. Turn off the valve of the gas valve and remove the machine.

5. Organize the trachea and place the machine and tools in the tool cabinet.

6. Turn off the main power switch and air compressor main switch.

7. Place the waste paper boxes and sheets around the work area in the same position as the gauge.

8. Clean the wood waste in the work area and fixture, clean up the job site, and make a handover record.

The nailing machine can do a good job in the later stage of processing, which can effectively improve the service life of the machine. The nailing machine has a great development market, and it is necessary to constantly improve the product technology in the development.