Why do nails need to be polished?

- Aug 06, 2019-

After the nail is finished, it is necessary to enter the polishing process. Then why should the nail be polished?

    After the nail is finished, the nail tip may have a flash edge due to the different degrees of tightness of the tool and the clamp. The nail flying edge phenomenon can effectively protect the nail knives from being damaged in the normal range, and can extend the use time of the nail knives. Then, for the phenomenon of nail flying edge, we can use the nail polishing machine to get it.

    The nail polishing machine can make the nail have better surface quality. After molding from the nail making machine, it has to undergo the polishing process. After the effect is achieved, it can be put into sale and use. Otherwise, the appearance of the nail will have some defects, which will affect its use. effect. The nail polishing machine should be added with sawdust and paraffin during operation, taking care to avoid blockage of the grinding wheel. In addition, in the process of grinding, the nail polishing machine needs to select different abrasive grains according to different uses, different sizes, shapes and other components of the nail products, and in the case that the saw particles are too large, It causes rough polishing, but if the sawing particles are too small, it will not achieve a fine polishing effect.

    Therefore, in the process of polishing the tough metal, there will be a sharp blockage of the grinding wheel, which will shorten the life of the grinding wheel. Therefore, in addition to polishing in the correct step, corresponding countermeasures need to be taken.