Why do your nail-making machines often fail, you will understand after reading

- Apr 24, 2020-

Can't we reflect on the failures that occurred during the use of the near-nail-making machine? Why are there so many problems? Is there any way to avoid this? So, what is your opinion?

In fact, many failures of the nail-making machine are caused by improper operation or irregular processes, which means that there is still a great chance that they can be avoided. Or once the nail is found to be cracked during the nail making process, it should be stopped in time and the iron wire should be replaced, and the equipment should be cleaned. If it is ignored, it will only cause more serious consequences.

Also, when the nails in the nail making machine are tilted, our response should be to re-grind and maintain a balance, trying to control the impact of the problem to a small extent. If the equipment and materials are checked before the operation, these problems will not happen at all.

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