Why doesn't the tool life of the nail making machine last long?

- Apr 28, 2020-

During the use of the nail making machine, most users have encountered the same problem, that is, the length of the nail making machine tool is short. This is indeed the case, so how long can the tool of the nail making machine last? How can it be so easily damaged?

When making nail-making machine tools, many manufacturers use cemented carbide tools, so it has relatively high quality and energy efficiency, but it is also difficult to escape the short and short problems. It can be seen that this has a great relationship with the use of knives. During the formulation process, the knives of the nail making machine need to be adjusted reasonably. The two nail knives cannot be too tight or too wide, otherwise they will increase the Nail knife wear.

The material of the nail also has a great influence on the volume of the tool. If it is the material, it is the cause of the burrs on the drawn wire drawing die, which also increases the loss of deepening the nail knife. Only the replacement of the wire drawing die can solve the problem. . If the hardness is higher, the tool wear will be more serious.

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