Why is the price of nail making machine production line so different?

- Jul 31, 2019-

A lot of customers ask how much money is needed for a whole set of nail making equipment. What factors determine the price of the complete set of nail making equipment?


First of all, the choice of nail making machine depends on the size of the nails that need to be made. The nail making machine models are different and the price is definitely different. For example, the X50 nail making machine is suitable for nails with a diameter of 32mm-50mm, while the X150 nail making machine can make nails with a diameter of 70mm-150mm.


Secondly, the source material of the wire drawing is different, the wire drawing machine used is different, and the head of the nail making machine is not the same. For example: pulling a new material (commonly speaking, the new disk element) uses a horizontal wire drawing machine or a continuous wire drawing machine, pulling the old material (that is, the purchased waste steel) using a pair of wire drawing machine or a chain type wire drawing machine. As for the nailing machine head, it is divided into a new material head and a scrap head. Of course, the two heads are interchangeable.


Third, the scale of the drawing is different. For example: just opened, only one or two nail making machines, then the choice of a horizontal wire drawing machine is enough, the horizontal wire drawing machine output is relatively low, but the price is low; if there are multiple nail making machines or After adding the nailing machine to prepare, you need a continuous wire drawing machine, and the continuous wire drawing machine is divided into triple, quadruple or even ten. The more the number, the higher the output, but the corresponding price also increases. .


Some customers who don't understand the situation always like to ask "How much is the cost of your good equipment here?" It is unreasonable. The correct configuration method is based on the individual start-up capital and the output, plant area, etc. that you want to achieve. Of course, these The configuration manufacturer will give a reasonable suggestion for reference based on the customer's conditions.