Why the cold-drawn wire into a roll should be revealed from the architectural aspect

- Jan 28, 2021-


Why is the cold drawn wire rolled into a roll shape to be revealed from the architectural aspect? Baotou cold drawn wire is a common steel wire. It is made of steel bars and produced through a series of processes such as shelling and cold rolling. It has good toughness and strong tensile properties, and has been widely used in building materials. Why roll cold drawn steel wire? In the use of cold drawing, due to different binding items, the length requirements are also different. When cold drawing is used, it can be cut according to actual length requirements to avoid waste. When the length exceeds, the corresponding cutting should be carried out, which is easy to cause waste. If the length is not enough, welding is required, which increases the workload. It effectively avoids waste and improves the utilization rate of cold drawing. Before cold drawing production, the surrounding production environment must be thoroughly cleaned. Clear obstacles, etc. Cold drawn wire should be slowly put into the barrel during the pickling process. Avoid splashing pickling liquid on the body, which is not easy to clean. During the production process, you should wear protective equipment and glasses to prevent the acid lotion from splashing into your eyes and causing serious consequences. Pay attention to operating procedures and safety issues when cold drawing. When rewinding, it should be handled gently, stacked neatly and firmly. For convenience, cold drawn into rolls. Cold drawing is used for cold drawing. Cold drawing is a kind of metal cold working. The raw material is wire rod, usually called steel bar. Products produced through a series of processes such as shelling are our common iron wires.


Cold drawing is widely used in building materials, and its testing standards are also different. A large number of wire drawing operations can often be seen on the construction site. Workers who need to work hard in construction are cold drawn, just like sand, every square meter needs to be used. The middle of each square meter of the wall is fixed with steel bars and concrete, so how many steel bars are fixed horizontally and vertically in the middle of the wall reflects the indispensable position of cold drawing. Baotou cold drawn wire has high strength and can be used in many ways, most of which are prestressed steel. Plasticity is not required, and such steel can be used only in strength situations. There is a big difference before and after a building is built. A green net encloses the semi-finished building. People cannot see how the web works. At this time, the construction personnel's door combines sand, stone, concrete and steel cold drawn wires in a reasonable and orderly manner.