Working principle and characteristics of wire drawing machine

- Jul 24, 2020-

The nail wire is inseparable during the nail making process, and the nail wire is drawn by the wire drawing machine, so how does the wire drawing machine draw the disc into qualified nail wire?

         The principle of the wire drawing machine is actually very simple, that is, the coil is cold drawn through a wire drawing die into a qualified nail wire, and the thickness of the nail wire is controlled by changing the drawing die of different specifications in the middle.

It is worth mentioning that the drawing is not formed at one time. It needs to be drawn over and over again. The reason is also very simple: if you want to draw a 6.5 mm coil into a 3.7 mm nail wire at one time, it will definitely break in the middle. , It simply cannot succeed.


         But in order to increase efficiency, we still thought of a solution, which is to use a continuous wire drawing machine, which is characterized by the second, third or even more passes after the first drawing is completed. Drawing, so as to avoid frequent replacement of disk elements, collection of nail wires and replacement of drawing die time.

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