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Long service life Easy maintenance with automatic oiling system High production Easy operation, 20 miuntes for changing wire diameter
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Product Details

Product Description

Automatic Nail Making Machine

Product Description

1.Long service life,no less than the traditional common nail making machine, for at least seven years.White belt at low cost and long life which is 5-6 months without an incorrect operation.
2.Automatic oiling , few lubrication points,much less than traditional machines and other nail making machines on market.It is still very tidy when operating.
3.High Production. Set specification 2550 as an example,about 750 kg / 8 hours.
4.No dismantle if not change nail mold specifications which can work for 3 months. Nail cutter 60 classes (8 hours / day, 2.5 wire diameter). Punch time is five times than ordinary equipment depending on the actual using status.
5.Nail cutter do cutting without touch, shear number can reach at least 800 million times (8,000,000 is the cutting times of wire diameter 2.0mm, rough wire diameter will multiplied);low consumption of nail mold, no crack, no fixed mold raw wear, no mold clogging, a single pair of nail mold can cut at least 50 million times, punching is more than 25 million times. Nail cutter, nail mold, punch can be repaired for many times at the same cost compared with general equipment.
6.Super energy-saving: actual consumption of High- speed nail making machine is about 3.5KW,1 ton nail output can save electricity about 20 degrees; while 2.5 sets of ordinary nail making machine consumption is 5-6KW due to long slide stroke and multi sliding friction parts
7. 60% labor saving because of its high efficiency. Coiling nails efficiency gains at least 50% with a high-frequency welding machine as each nail is quality product without stuck and stop, even if in the speed of 1900 nails/min, coiling speed can improve 30%, so that can reduce 40% labor cost.

Automatic Nail Making Machine







Nail dia.

1.8-3.0 mm

2.0-3.8 mm

2.0-3.5 mm

2.4-4.5 mm

2.5-5.0 mm

Nail le.

32-55 mm

45-90 mm

45-90 mm

70-130 mm

70-150 mm


≤ 800 pcs/min











Dim (mm)







2200 kgs

2800 kgs

3000 kgs

3500 kgs

4500 kgs

Automatic Nail Making Machine

The machine's main characteristics are as following:

1.Shorter stroke (12mm), traditional machine around 100mm

a.Stable performance, defective rate less than 1/100000

b.Lower mechanical wear

c.Gripping dies and punches are more durable.

2.The nail length can be well controlled.

a.The machine equipped with sensor for detecting longer or shorter nails

b.Active wire feeding, can ensure straight shank and consistent length, no matter what the wire coil's weight is.

3.Metal scraps can be separated with nails very well

a.Effectively protect the nail conveying belt

b.Ensure the good shape nail head

Unique Features

1) Dual-mode double-punch

2)Nail blade holder uses the pendulum structure

3) Feeding and rewinding structure


Detailed Images

Machine Features

Name: Nail blade holder

uses the pendulum structure:

①Short distance,low mechanical wear
②High precision, nail cutter works without touch, low tool wear.
③More than 10 million times of single-blade shear, more time-saving and labor saving.

Main Features

Name: Dual-mode double-punch
①Nail head can be punched well even the shank is uneven.
②Big nail head.
③Nail head with out knock marks to ensure consistency.
④Uniform thickness of the nail cap diameter.
⑤Hollow design nail die,no small head,no ash blacking,no clip crumbs,no cracking,no frequent dies demolition.

Machine Features

Name: Feeding and rewinding structure
①High - precision feeding device. The error of each nail length is controlled within 0.3mm
②Unique wire feeding and retreating combination, each nail through the wire feeding, cutting, wire retreating, three mechanical action, the nail will be completely separated from the nail shank to ensure quality.

Main Spares

Name:1) Installation Tool Box


              3)Nail Making Dies.

Our Company


SSS HARDWARE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was founded in 2005,specializes in nail making machine ,high speed nail making machine, wire collating machine,thread rolling machine, ,nail polishing machine,wire drawing machine,Staple Nail Making Machine and related products such as nail,staples,welding wires,thread rods,pneumatic tools,building hardwares. Our factory covers an area of 60000 square meters and owns 300 sets of equipment.We are supported by seven branch work plants to ensure our good quality and prompt delivery.
Quality is our priority and your satisfaction is what we are striving for.Our products are very-&popular in Germany,France,Italy,UK,Turkey,Poland,Slovenia,Bulgaria,Belarus,Serbia,Russia,Canada,America,Mexico,Brazil,
Argentina,Vietnam&Korea.You can totally rest assured of our guaranteed quality and our good after-sales service.




Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support. 

* Sample testing support. 

* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Packing & Delivery






Packaging Details

The normal package is wooden box. If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.


1. Time for changing nail sizes

----> If only adjust the length of nails and keep the same wire diameter. 3-5 minutes is enough. If the nail diameter also need to be changed, then around 20 minutes will be needed for adjusting the feeding unit and gripping dies.

2. The lifespan for nail cutters, gripping dies and punches.

----> Normally two months. It depends on the operator’s proficiency3. The material for nail cutters, gripping dies and punches.

----> Tungsten Carbide with alloy steel. 4. If there is some problems during machine running, what technical support can be provided?

----> Video technical support and online service can be provided. 5. The tolerance for nail length

----> ± 0.25mm. 6. Installation service

----> We can send engineers to your company for machine installation. The round trip flight tickets, local transportation, local accommodation should be paid by your company. Engineer service charge is US$100/day.

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Automatic Nail Making Machine

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