Automatic U Nail Loading Box Machine

Automatic U Nail Loading Box Machine

The machine is used to produce pack the U nails.
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                                   Automatic U nail loading box machine

The machine is equipped with the following characteristics:


1.The machine can automatically open the box,push nails into boxes,close the boxes.

2.The machine adopts PLC control.The photoelectric monitors the movements of every parts and if the abnormal movements appears,the machine will show the cause of shutdown,so that,the operator will remedy the faults timely.


3.The machine can replace packaging specifications according to the different requirements of users.

4.The machine can count the product numbers and show the operation speed.

If you are interested in buying the machine,please feel free to contact with me as follows,

Joe Samson,foreign trade coordinator of SSS Hardware International Trading Co.,Ltd.



5.The box of the machine is 304 stainless steel.

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