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The device is designed for customer requirement to run smoothly and long lifes without stop , so it use the brand PLC control and other quality suppliers' parts such as sensor ,welding system to effectively guarantee product quality roll nails long trouble-free operation. and we consider for customers for decreasing the cost to lowest so it have competitive price .
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Product Details

Overview :

The coil nail collator is automatic welding equipment to weld the nail into nail roll, then the customer can use nail gun not a hammer ,  coil nail normally use for export wooden crates, wooden pallets, crates, frames, wooden furniture, wooden houses and other wooden structure of the connection. Staples quickly, saving labor and improve efficiency .

Coil nail collator

Quick Details


Condition: New                                            Production Capacity:  2500pc/min

Power (kW): 5                                              Key Selling Points: Automatic

Weight (KG): 1500 KG                                 Range of Nail Dia.: 2.0mm-4.1mm

Range of Length: 25mm-130mm                Type:Fully Automatic

Capacity: 2000-2500pcs/min                      Weight: 1500kg

Power: 8kw                                                 Function: Welding nails

Application: Coil nails                                 Certification: CE ISO


  1.  Put the nails in to vibration plate vibration plate

  2.  Nails arrange in the order and enter the welding area

  3.  Welding wire nails

  4.  Rust-prevent oil-soaked by automatic drying 

   5  Counting and automatically roll into a disk installed

   6  Packing 

Welding material :

welding wire 5


  1.   High frequency 20,000-40,000 HZ  welding let each nail that has at least 10 complete welding      waveform to ensures the welding quality  

  2.   New material  used for welding transformers have less heat loss. The welding energy saving is more than 30% under the same working conditions.

  3.   High capacity 10% higher than other machine

  4.   Quality control process make every process under monitering and recording 

Why buy from us:


   1. SSS HARDWARE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was founded in 2005, specializes in nail making machine, high speed nail making machine, wire collating machine, thread rolling machine, nail polishing machine, wire drawing machine, and Staple Making Machines. Our factory covers an area of 60000 square meters and owns 300 sets of equipment. We are supported by seven branch work plants to ensure our good quality and prompt delivery.

  2.  Professional  teams  including  10 above enginees and support from Huazhong agricultural University .

  3 .  CE and ISO certificated and patented design 


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