Coil Nail Machine

This screw coil nail making machine is automatic welding equipment. Put nails in vibration plate, By vibrating disk will be scattered nail in sequence, through the orbit, welding roller and two plating copper wire welding into line row nail, then by automatic immersed anti-rust, drying and counting institutions automatic coil in coil pack (flat-roofed type and the karst), according to set each volume count automatic cut by operators will be finished with this band can be fixed after packing into boxes.
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Usage of coil nails: 

It can be used for container trays, large wooden box manufacturing fence, housing wooden structure connection, export wooden crates, wooden pallets, crates, frames, wooden furniture, wooden houses and other wooden structure of the connection. Staples quickly, saving labor. This type of coil gun can be putted around 300pcs per roll coil nail, loading nails conveniently, saving working time, and improve efficiency greatly.

1. Wire drawing machine -- to draw the 6.5mm/5.5mm wire diameter to the smaller wire size diameter to make nails as your required such as 4.1mm, 3.4mm, 3.1mm, 2.5mm etc. wire diameter

2. Automatic wire nail making machine --- feed the drawn wire into nail making machine to make nails.

3. Polishing machine -- to polish finished nails to remove the thron and dust and make nails more black and shiny.

4. Threading nails--- thead nails into different type, such as ring type, screw type, thread type, etc.

5. Welding nails into roll--- welding nails into rolls , then it can put into nails gun.

6. Wire nails Packaging--- pack the nails in cartons.






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