Fast Hydraulic F/T Nail Machine

Fast Hydraulic F/T Nail Machine

The machine can produce the nails of F10/F15/F20/F25/F30、T38/T50.
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                          Fast hydraulic F/T nail machine

The machine can produce the following nails:F10/F15/F20/F25/F30T38/T50

The performance and characteristics of the machine:


1.Hdraulic nail machine adopts high-pressure oil

Channel,low noise,less fault rate with PLC integrated control,and the product unlimited limit.


2.The machine is equipped  with lengthening conveying equipment, it can automatically pick-up nails,with high degree of automation,reducing picking workers and production cost.


If you are interested in the machine and wanna buy,please contact with me as follows,


Joe Samson,foreign trade coordinator of SSS Hardware International Trade Co.,Ltd.



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