Full-automatic Mexican Tortilla Production Line

Full-automatic Mexican Tortilla Production Line

The machine is used to produce the tortillas.
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             Full-automatic Mexican Tortilla Production Line

Anyone who wanna buy the Mexican production line,please pay attention:

Dear boss to buy the Mexican production line,

We know that,it is so slow to make Mexican tortilla by hand,and waste labour,and working efficiency is low.So……

If you wanna buy the automatic Mexican production line(The capacity:3600-8200pieces/1 hour),then,you will enjoy……

                                   The following buying benefits

1.Please look at the machine sample,

      Full-automatic Mexican Tortilla Production Line

                          SSS Full-automatic tortilla Mexican production line  

2.The production line can finish the capacity:3600-8200 PCS/1 Hour,this improves the working efficiency because the production line are equipped with the following operational system as follows,


1)The feeding system,

2)The molding system,

3)The baking system,

4)The cooling system,

Remarks:The feeding system including three heads to feed the liquid dough,and the capacity of the production line,3600-8200 PCS/1Hour.

3.The machine is PLC controlled,the operation is simple.The operator only need to set the feeding weight on the computer screen and set the pita bread thickness on the cylinder,and then carry out the mass production of tortilla formally.

4.The machine is safe and hygienic.

5.The production line can make more than twenty different flavors’ tortillas.So,you sell tortilla very well.

You will ask that:What is the USP(Uniqueness selling Proposition?


Very good question.The USP is that,the PLC controls the whole system---The feeding system,the molding system,the baking system,and the cooling system,

And also SSS Hardware International Trading Co.,Ltd. will provide ……


            Zero Risk Promise


I promise that you have not any risks to buy the machine.


After one month you have received the machineand feel that, it is not well worth the money you paid:


1]The machine can not produce 3600-8200 pieces of tortillas within one hour.


2]The running of the production line is not stable and reliable at all.


3]The production line hurted the people.(Except human factor and force majeure-war)


Please tell me,and I will give you a 100% refund immediately.

Then,you are asking in your mind: If there is a problem in operation,how can I get your help for so long distance?


SSS Hardware International Trading Co.,Ltd. provides you with……


                                                     A warranty promise


1].SSS Hardware International Trading Co.,Ltd) will arrange the after-sales service personnel to your working site to install the production line and train your mechanic the know-how……


The seller(SSS Hardware International Trading Co.,Ltd) will be responsible for the coming and returning air ticket of the after-sales service personnel,and easily damaged parts(The heating pipe and conveyer belt) and maintenance cost,150 USD)


II.After one year later,the buyer will be responsible for the cost of easily damaged parts(The heating pipe and conveyer belt)

,the air ticket of coming and returning of SSS after-sales service personnel,the maitenence cost,150 USD for each time.

If you are interested in buying the production line,please contact me as follows,

Your sincerely

Joe Samson,foreign trade coordinator of SSS Hardware Trading Co.,Ltd.





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