High Speed Nail Making Machine With Large Capacity

The function of the SSS Super fast Nail making machine is to design for high speed to make the nail cost to drop 10%-30% . It needs to put the suitable wire diameter into the entrance of the nail making machine. Then start the nail making machine, the machine will produce wood nails automatically. Although the machine price is 3-5 times than the first generation machine ,but it speed also 5-7 times than other machine and save space , save labor and power . So, Fast than others , Better chance than others
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Product Details

About Machine:

1.Long service life,no less than the traditional common nail making machine, for at least seven years.White belt at low cost and long life which is 5-6 months without an incorrect operation.

2.Automatic oiling , few lubrication points,much less than traditional machines and other nail making machines on market.It is still very tidy when operating.

3.High Production. 30% more capacity than other factory machine.

4.No dismantle if not change nail mold specifications which can work for 3 months. Nail cutter 8-10 months. Punch time is five times than ordinary equipment depending on the actual using status.

5.Nail cutter do cutting without touch, shear number can reach at least 800 million times (8,000,000 is the cutting times of wire diameter 2.0mm, rough wire diameter will multiplied); low noise and no power waste can bring low consumption of nail mold, no crack, no fixed mold raw wear, no mold clogging, a single pair of nail mold can cut at least 50 million times, punching is more than 25 million times. Nail cutter, nail mold, punch can be repaired for many times at the same cost compared with general equipment.

6. 60% labor saving because of its high efficiency. Coiling nails efficiency gains at least 50% with a high-frequency welding machine as each nail is quality product without stuck and stop, even if in the speed of 1900 nails/min, coiling speed can improve 30%, so that can reduce 40% labor cost.


a). Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;

b). Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

c). Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

d). Provide life-time maintenance service.



Q:  Can i use one machine to make different size nails?

A:  Of course can, for example: you can buy one SSS-ZDJ-T130 to produce 2-4inch nail, to make different size, just change the nail mould is ok. But because our machine design for high speed

( one our machine = 4-5 pcs other people’s machine ( they sale about 8000-10000 USD ) , so our machine is much more preformance than the other factories )


Q:  How many is the material waste during the producing?

A:   The rate of the production waste is less than 0.5%, for example, 1 ton wire can make around 995 kg nails. It is during the commissioning phase , when in normal production , 100% accepted rate


Q:  Does the wire drawing machine is a must equipment?

A:   No, if you buy the drawn wire ( for example D2.5 mm ) directly to make nail then no need this machine.


Q:  What is capacity of the wire drawing machine ?

A:   If you select 5 drums, from D6.5mm wire drawing to D2.5 mm, the output is around 800kg-1500kg per hours


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Nail size range: 90- 150 mm Nail Capacity :500-700 pcs /mins


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