N or J Staple Production Line

N or J Staple Production Line

The machine is used to produce the N and J staples.
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                    N or J staple production line


Dear boss of N and J Staple Production Line,


      If you like to have the N and J Staple Production Line,then,you enjoy……


                                                 The buying benefits


I.The N and J nail Capacity:100-150bars/1Minute,because the making process of the N and J staple production line are as followings,

Raw material (galvanized wire)------->Wire drawing-------> Wire flattening------->Wire gluing------->Staples pressing  -------> Staples packing


1)Water tank wire drawing and flattening intergrated machine(SSS-LB200) to fish the wire drawing and flattening integrated


2)Wire gluing machine(SSS-BXJ-150) to glue the wire band,


3)Hydraulic Press Machine to press the N or J nails,


4)Semi-auto packing machine to pack the N and J nails,



II.The staples are divided into two types,long staples and wide staples.


The long staples are used in wooden frames,the wide staples are used in inivisible sofa bandages or grooves.

If you are interested in buying the machine,please contact me as follows,

Yours sincerely

Joe Samson,foreign trade coordinator of SSS Hardware International Trading Co.,Ltd.




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