Automatic Low Noise Nail Making Machine

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Product Details

1.Product Description 

This kind of Automatic Low Noise Nail Making Machine is mainly used to manufacture round nails and cement nails of various specifications. It adopts plunger structure to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment. It also has the advantages of high speed, low noise, less impact sound, advanced design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use and safe operation.

In addition, the Automatic Low Noise Nail Making Machine is specially processed to make the nails produced are super strong, hard to bend. There is no noise during production, and the production output is 2-3 times faster than the production speed of ordinary nail making machines on the market. It also uses high-strength alloy cutter to greatly increase the life of the cutter. It is of high quality and wins a good reputation among customers worldwide. 


2. Technical data:





nail machines

3. Field installation


The above structure has One invention patent Tow utility model patents



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