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automatic wire nail production line

The machine is equipped with some safety devices to prevent injury and damage to the operator and equipment. The operator should thoroughly understand the contents of the various security signs and the following provisions and then operate the machine.

This machine is a high-speed energy-saving nail equipment, mainly used for high quality pneumatic gun nail as well as the production of nails.

Especially suitable for the production and processing of nails in small diameter, roofing nails and high standard nails at present market.

Main characteristics:

1.   Shorter stroke (12 mm), traditional machine around 100 mm

a.   Stable performance, defective rate less than 1/100000
b.   Lower mechanical wear
c.    Gripping dies and punches are more durable. 
2.    The nail length can be well controlled.
a.   The machine equipped with sensor for detecting longer or shorter nails
b.   Active wire feeding, can ensure straight shank and consistent length, no matter what the wire coil’s weight is.
3.   Metal scraps can be well separated
a.   Effectively protect the nail conveying belt
b.   Ensure the nail head with good and consistent shape 

4. High quality nails: consistent nail head and shank length (tolerance 0.5 mm), defective rate 1/100000, which is very good for coil nail collating and strip nail making.
5. Easy operation and high efficient: the machine is fully automatic and runs stably.
6. Automatic oiling system with oil pump
7. With seven alarming sensors to protect the machine and ensure the nail quality 
8. Low maintenance cost
9. Save energy and labor cost 

Machine parameters:

Nail dia.1.8-3.0 mm2.0-3.8 mm2.0-3.5 mm2.4-4.5 mm2.5-5.0 mm
Nail le.32-55 mm45-90 mm45-90   mm70-130   mm70-150   mm
Speed≤ 800 pcs/min≤760pcs/min≤680pcs/min≤680pcs/min≤700pcs/min
Dim (mm)1350*850*1170  
Weight2200 kgs2800 kgs3000 kgs3500 kgs4500 kgs


Unique patent, two-time heading, double-dies and double-punches structure


Bigger nail heads can be easily gotten

Nail heads are always very round and in the center.

Nail head without knock marks, consistent and good looking

Uniform thickness of the nail cap diameter.

Hollow design nail clamping dies, no small head, no ash blocking

Nail cutter holder adopts pendulum structure

1. shorter stroke and lower mechanical wear

2. High precision, nail cutters work without touch with longer service life.

3. One set of cutters’ cutting times up to 10 million times


High-precision feeding and unwinding structure to control the length error of each nail within 0.3mm


Feeding and anti-backing structure

①High-precision feeding unit. Length difference can be controlled within 0.3mm

②Unique wire feeding and retreating combination, each nail through the wire feeding, cutting, wire retreating, three mechanical action, the nail will be completely separated from the nail shank to ensure quality.


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automatic wire nail production line

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