Carbon Steel Nail Making Machine

SSS HARDWARE SSS HARDWARE is a trusted name in the market, we are successfully serving our customers since 2007. We are continuously expanding our serving area to cover the globe. We are known for timely and quality delivery of products with perfection and providing quality training for handling of machines. We do strive to build strong business relationships with our clients. We are the leading manufacturers & exporters of all type of Carbon Steel Nail Making Machine, high speed nail making machine,thread rolling machine, coil nail making machines Our SSS brand machines are very popular for its durability & quality. Our main aim is to manufacture best quality machines to satisfied our customers. Now we are planning for more expansion. So we are looking for more agents, buyers, dealers, importers & exporters for our machines. So interested parties requested to email us. In case you require any further information in this regard please write back to us and we shall be pleased to provide you the required information promptly. Contact: Remon Zhang SSS HARDWARE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Tel: +86-551-82819016 Fax: +86-551-82819019 Skype: : Remon Zhang( Wechat: zwltof158518 Mob/Whatsapp: +86 18005655162 Email:
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Carbon Steel Nail Making Machine

Glad to contact with you, This is Remon Zhang from SSS hardware. Our high Speed nail making machine sell well in World wide, you may know SHYAM Steel , Packwell from India, Alif from Saudi Arabia,  Haspl from Czech and JSC "Rechitsa Hardware Plant" from Belarus, Deacero from Mexican, etc.we have good long-standing cooperation with each other for years.

Catch7494(07-03-17-50-30)Firstly I'd like to let you know below information about our high speed nail making machine, we have good reputation World wide with brand SSS. Normally, our customers bought 1-5 nail machines from us first, and they would bought 5-10 more nail making machines from us after using. Also most of the biggest nail manufacturers in China are using our high speed nail making machines.

Product NameHigh speed nail making machine
Item No.SSS-ZDJ-X50                  SSS-ZDJ-X90

SSS-ZDJ-X130                SSS-ZDJ-X150                      SSS-ZDJ-D90
Defective RateBelow 1/100000
Container LoadIf 20GP: 3 sets nail making machine
If 40GP: 7 sets nail making machine
Labor Demand1 worker can operate 10 machines
FeaturesVery easy to operate, A common worker can operate this machine after a simple demo. You no longer need to rely on well-trained skillful workers.
Compared to ordinary nail machines our high speed nail machine with these advantages1. Labor cost saved by 50%--70% for nail making
2. Labor cost saved by 35%--45% for coil nail collating
3. $18.00 can be saved for 1 ton of nails (In China)
4. Don't need a high pressure air pump
5. Spare parts have long service life with cheap price

High Speed nail making machine specifications:

Maximum Nail Diameter3.0mm3.8mm3.5mm4.5mm5.0mm
Minimum Nail Diameter1.9mm2.0mm2.0mm2.4mm2.5mm
Maximum Nail Length50mm90mm90mm130mm150mm
Minimum Nail Length32mm40mm45mm70mm70mm
Nail Making speed≤ 800 pcs/min≤760pcs/min≤680pcs/min≤680pcs/min150≤400pcs/min        130≤500pcs/min       100≤600pcs/min below100≤700pcs/min
Rated Power7kw7kw7kw7kw13.2kw
Dimension (mm)machine:     1350*850*1170             pay-off:       1500*800*1600machine:  1350*1220*1050   
pay-off:       1500*800*1600
machine:              1350*1220*1050          pay-off:                 1500*800*1600machine:  1550*1220*1050
pay-off:                1500*800*1600
machine:             1650*1250*1300      
pay-off:                 1500*800*1600
Machine Weight (kgs)22002800300035004500

Main characteristics:1.   Shorter stroke (12 mm), traditional machine around 100 mma.   Stable performance, defective rate less than 1/100000
b.   Lower mechanical wear
c.    Gripping dies and punches are more durable. 
2.    The nail length can be well controlled.
a.   The machine equipped with sensor for detecting longer or shorter nails
b.   Active wire feeding, can ensure straight shank and consistent length, no matter what the wire coil’s weight is.
3.   Metal scraps can be well separated
a.   Effectively protect the nail conveying belt
b.   Ensure the nail head with good and consistent shape 

4. High quality nails: consistent nail head and shank length (tolerance 0.5 mm), defective rate 1/100000, which is very good for coil nail collating and strip nail making.
5. Easy operation and high efficient: the machine is fully automatic and runs stably.
6. Automatic oiling system with oil pump
7. With seven alarming sensors to protect the machine and ensure the nail quality 
8. Low maintenance cost
9. Save energy and labor cost 

Now many nail manufacturers have given up using the ordinary nail machines. 

Using our high speed nail making machines will definitely improve the competitiveness of your products.

For easier communication, I have add you Whatsapp, and has sent the video of our machine .

Should you have any query please feel free to contact with us.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Best regards
Remon Zhang
Tel: +86-551-82819016  
Fax: +86-551-82819019
Skype: : Remon Zhang(        
Wechat: zwltof158518
Mob/Whatsapp: +86 18005655162

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