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One of the best nail making machinery.The latest high-speed nail making machine from our company was created specially for high quality nails. It is not only solve the defects of high reject rate and low produce speed caused by traditional nail making machine, but also it reduces the cost of labor and site use, which highlights its advantages of time saving, labor saving and power saving. The latest machine makes every nails become an artistic creation.
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* When the equipment is shipped, we will provide you with some wearing parts for free to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. 

* After the equipment leaves the factory, we will provide one year of after-sales service. During this period, due to the failure of the design of the equipment, we will replace the parts for you for free. If the electrical parts have quality problems, we will replace them for free within one year. 

* After one year, we will continue to provide after-sales service. If wearing parts and other parts need to be replaced, we will only charge for the cost.

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