Screw Heading Machine

Our screw heading machine can produce multi-step, two caps, two-headed non-standard, special and other hardware products. It appears greatly reduces the customer's cost of production, so that by the manual, semi-automatic production of metal parts, axle parts available automated production machinery, greatly improving production efficiency, thereby enhancing economic efficiency of enterprises. Highly valued by the client.
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Rivet making machine, semi-tubular rivet making machine ( Screw making machine, bolt making machine , rivet maker) being of precise and stable structure. 


1. The precise and stable structure can make precise/mini rivets with flexibility.

2. China patented united formed punch lifting plank can diminish the cumulative deviation in assembly to ensure the stability of the lifting system.

3. The flexible lifting system ensures the efficiency of the machine.

4. Slide side guide can diminish the swing of punch holder.

5. Hard and stable foundation improves the rigidity of the machine and the stability of heading.

How to select a suitable machine for your screw? 

Does the supplier give you a high price on it? 

We think it has something not be confirmed. 

Please provide us the dimension (Length and diameter ) of your screw. 

We will give good solution & a suitable recommendation for you!


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