Super High Speed And Low Noise Automatic Making Machine,

Super High Speed And Low Noise Automatic Making Machine,

The machine is used to produce the nails
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  Super high speed and low noise automatic making machine

Dear boss of the global nails factory,

If you want to increase the nails' capacity in daily production,then,you are right to buy the super high speed and low noise automatic making machine,because you can enjoy......

                                The following buying benefits

1.SSS Super high speed and low noise automatic making machine can solve the problems of long and short nails,large and small nail caps,curved nails to improve the nails' quality.


2.The high speed and capacity(1.8-2..0)mm-38mm:2000 pieces/1 minute;(2.4-2.8)mm-50mm,1500 pieces/1 minute.You can calculate the capacity and economic benefits of one month,one year……ten years at home.


3.The quality of the machine is stable.(In the specific  process of the nails’ production,the machine does not become jammed or stop).


4.The operation of the machine is simple.(Because the machine’s level of mechatronics is high,the operator adopts the panel to adjust the long and short nails;Large and small caps;The thickness of the nail caps)


5.The machine is durability:

The frame structure is of superior stiffness and vibration resistance,the casting base is of good stability and high strength,ensuring the safety and reliability when the machine is running in high speed;


The dies in the  central die ring is imported from Japan and Germany,and the die precision is high,so,the nails’ quality from this machine is good,and the service life of the machine is two times longer than the present nail making machine.


6.The machine is equipped with the beautiful shape,smooth lines,scientific and reasonable structure,so,the operation and maintenance is more convenient.


7.The lubrication adopts the automatic oil supply system which makes the machine more stable and reliable.


8.The noise reduction (about 10 decibels) greatly improves working conditions and effectively reduces investor input costs.

9.Nail making process are all full automatic,and once the machine starts-up,it can produce the high quality steel nails.

If you are interested to buy the machine,please contact me as follows,

Joe Samson,foreign trade coordinator of SSS Hardware International Trading Co.,Ltd.




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