Third Generation High Speed Nail Making Machine Price

High speed steel iron wire nail making machine manufacturer.
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Product Details

Main application

This machine is a high-speed and energy-saving nail making equipment, mainly used to produce and process high-quality ordinary round head nails and D-shape clipped head nails with consistent shank length and head diameter for final products coil nails, plastic strip nails and paper strip nails.

Advantages of performance and structure

The main features of this machine are simple structure, good rigidity, convenient use and low maintenance cost. The straight-shaft cam and the crankshaft are linked with synchronous belts, so the machine is easy to adjust and low in maintenance cost

 The cutters and gripping dies are designed according to the cam lever principle, which is simple and reliable with stable accuracy control.

The double punch structure is used for gripping dies to ensure the concentricity of the nail head and the bigger diameter ratio of the nail shank and nail head.


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