How Can A Fully Automatic Nail Making Machine Make Good Nails?

- Nov 25, 2020-

Do not neglect the role of the nail knife, because in the new automatic nail machine work, when the left and right side shaft CAM rotation will affect the slider scissors, nail knife for left, right back and forth movement, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting nails.

Whether the nail tip is sharp, or the nail tip does not bend, these are by the new automatic nail machine nail knife role.

In the use process of automatic nail making machine, how should we go to choose and buy?

First of all, the choice of automatic nail making machine we want to see the material, the ideal material is the automatic nail making machine nail cutter material can choose carbide knife, because it is a relatively high quality and energy efficiency.

Talk about the maintenance of the automatic nail machine!

The nail-cutter of the automatic nail-making machine should be kept sharp at any time. After the new automatic nail-making machine is started, the nail-making machine can not be moved until the machine is in normal operation. The nail-making machine should be stopped before stopping.

During the operation of the automatic nail making machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature rise change of each friction part and the occurrence of abnormal sound at any time.

The nail cutter of the new type automatic nail making machine should also be lubricated regularly to ensure good lubrication of each lubricating part.

Therefore, the use of automatic nail making machine tool can not be ignored, automatic nail making machine tool maintenance is also very important.