The Development Direction Of Direct Drawing Machine

- Dec 28, 2020-

In the future, the development direction of direct drawing machine, through the analysis and summary of pingsheng, a manufacturer of direct drawing machine, mainly includes the following three points, specifically:

1. The excised signal can be used to realize the transmission of the drive system step by step.

In this way, the wire-drawing machine can realize the arbitrary cut on the track, as well as the corresponding maintenance work.

2, for its dynamic structure, have a new understanding and development, so as to solve the problem of multi-motor control coordination, and can reduce the position of the error, so that the direct drawing machine tuning roller accurate positioning.

3. Through the use of deficit control technology, the direct-drawing machine can realize the smooth start of the instant, so as to avoid the problem of broken wire in this process. In addition, for the metal wire, it should be able to realize the active wire release, and make it move without problems such as fracture and damage.