Nail Making Machine Guarantees Customer's Interests

- Jan 11, 2019-

1. Damage in the transportation process: No matter the purchase of new equipment or the relocation of the factory site, the transportation of nail-making machine can not be avoided, and in the course of our transportation, it is certain that there will be bumps and bumps, but in general, it will only cause a little damage to the appearance of nail-making machine, and have no impact on the performance of nail-making machine. In the process of transporting the nail machine, we had better take off the head of the nail machine, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the nail machine.

2. Use of rusty wire: In the process of using nail machine to produce nails, it often appears that the production of nails of a certain specification is enough, but what about some wires? For the rest of the wire, we do not want to leave it alone casually, and it will certainly rust for a long time, so we have to do a good rust-proof treatment, so that when we use these wire again, it is not rust spots, so as to reduce the wear and tear of the nail machine.3. Lubrication: In the process of production, some workers do not maintain and inject lubricating oil according to the regulations in order to save time, which results in serious wear and tear of all parts of the nailing machine. This reduces the service life of the nailing machine for us. Therefore, we usually do not want to save time in order to save time, in exchange for unnecessary losses, so we daily production. We must pay attention to injecting lubricating oil into the nailing machine. ,

4. Aging: After all, nailing machine is a machine, working for us for a long time, there will also be internal damage to the body, which is the same as our human beings, with the growth of age leading to poor physical fitness is consistent with the principle.