Features Of Nail Machine

- Jan 11, 2019-

1, simple operation, the whole process of painting by the computer control, the operation process will be able to make a manicure, but optimistic about the nail market people can also easily enter this neighborhood.

2, a variety of styles, it can be tens of millions of exquisite patterns, and even you and his photos of each minute vividly depicted on the nail.

3, the production speed is fast, do a full hand only a few minutes, the pattern is exquisite and gorgeous, if hand-drawn, not only take a long time, but also difficult to achieve exquisite results.

4, low cost, according to the production accuracy of the size of the grade of high and low costs between a few to a few yuan, in the acquisition of dozens of times times the profit at the same time, the cost is much lower than the cost of labor, and because the nail machine is computer automatic control, so can reduce the overall operating costs greatly reduced.

5, the function of the nail machine can be continuously upgraded to meet the needs of the market, open picture Library can be continuously added and updated, thus able to meet consumer demand for popular patterns.

6, the nail machine occupies not a very large space, so it has a lot of flexibility, can be adjusted as needed at any time. 

7, rich in patterns, all-encompassing, you can add your favorite pattern scans to the photo gallery of the nail machine, you can also add your favorite digital photos to the photo gallery of the nail machine, and then immediately can be sprayed on the nail.