How To Adjust The Automatic Thread Rolling Machine

- Jun 11, 2020-

Rolling machine is a common machine in many enterprises. The more common the machine is, the more clear we need to know about it. Only in this way can we find out the problems of the machine in time, so as not to delay the normal production and operation of our enterprise and workshop. Today, let's talk about the correct debugging method of the rolling machine:

1. To change the working position of the switch, you can choose the full-automatic spray welding, foot stepping spray welding and manual mode.

Full automatic circulation system mode: start the motor of the hydraulic press, turn the switch to full-automatic mode, and adjust the full-automatic welding time and reverse stop time respectively according to the hydraulic press. At this time, the drag seat flows the knife fitness exercise under the hydraulic working pressure operated by the forward time relay, and the drag seat does the reverse stop fitness exercise under the control of the reverse stop time relay 。

Foot type circulating system mode: plug in the terminal of foot step, when the time relay stops working, press the power switch with foot, drag the seat to move forward under the working pressure of the hydraulic press for fitness, lift the leg after spray welding during working, and return the drag seat under the working pressure of the hydraulic press.

2. When installing the screw roller, the connecting rod shall be cleaned. When loading, unloading and transporting the screw roller, the supporting seat of the wheel rod shall be removed respectively, and the screw roller shall be installed on the wheel rod. The screw roller shall be adjusted to the necessary radial position by adjusting the sealing ring. The inner holes of the two screw rollers shall be adjusted as much as possible On the level surface, the thread roller and the needle bearing of the support seat are tightly combined with sealing rings to avoid radial shaking of the thread roller.

3. The support seat shall be located at the base of the steel parts. With the change of the straight path of the spray welded steel parts, the support seat must also be changed. The adjustment method: loosen the two fixed anchor bolts, move the support seat to the required position, and tighten the anchor bolts.

4. The support point block is installed on the upper side of the support base with tungsten steel welded on the top. Loosen the support point block and tighten the anchor bolts. Adjust the gasket at the bottom of the support point block to adjust the height of the support point block. Then tighten the anchor bolts. The height of the support point block plays a key role in the whole process of spray welding.

(1) The height width ratio of the support point block depends on the specification and model of the spray welded steel parts. In addition, it can be slightly higher or slightly lower according to the different raw materials of the steel parts. In general, for general steel, high-quality carbon structural steel and rare metal steel, the steel base can be slightly lower than the spray welding roller base by 0-0.25mm. For high toughness high-quality alloy steel and stainless steel plate steel, the steel base can be higher than the spray welding roller base. In the application, the customer should adjust according to the actual situation.

(2) The total width of the support point block shall be based on the fact that it is not easy for the thread rolling wheel to collide with the support point block during spray welding. For the steel parts with specifications below the straight M10, it shall be close to the allowable larger total width. For the steel parts with specifications around the straight M10, the allowable total width of the top of the support point block is large, but it is not necessary to exceed 18mm.

Correct use of mechanical products can increase the service life of the rolling machine, timely maintenance of machinery, and reduce the failure rate in use!

To form a good habit of often oiling machinery, do not add inferior oil, it will cause different degrees of wear and tear to machinery, resulting in abnormal use. Make production affected!