How to maintain the nail machine correctly?

- Jan 11, 2019-

Every time we use the equipment, we should check every part of the equipment first. After power-on, we should try it on for a few minutes to observe whether the equipment has abnormal sound and abnormal state. Through this test, we can know whether the equipment is in normal working state. If there is any abnormality in the process of testing, we can not ignore it. Fast solution, so as to ensure that equipment in normal circumstances for us to start unlimited profits.

When we use scrap steel bars as raw materials, we should select some scrap steel bars that meet the specifications, so as to reduce unnecessary loss or damage to nail machine equipment.

In our usual processing and production, we should not forget to inject lubricating oil into the parts that need to be filled with butter, so as to ensure that all parts of the equipment are not processed in the absence of butter, to ensure the flexibility of the equipment, so as to ensure the production capacity and production efficiency of the equipment.

When the equipment breaks down, we should cut off the power supply to ensure our own safety.

If there is any abnormality in the equipment, we should not disassemble the equipment without knowing about it. We should consult the professional maintenance personnel first and deal with it according to the actual situation.