Maintenance Matters Of Nail Making Machine

- Jan 11, 2019-

First, do not adjust the work in the machine movement.

Second, to keep the machine clean, nail mold to often clean, do not use raw embroidery wire nail.

Third, after the start of the normal operation of the machine can be flipped into the line handle into the line nail, parking should first stop into the line.

Four, keep the nail knife sharp.

Five, the machine operation process should always pay attention to the friction parts of the temperature rise changes and abnormal noise occurrence.

Six, repair equipment or electrical appliances first disconnect the power supply.

Seven, the need to change the equipment application of the original specifications.

Eight, regular oil injection lubrication, to ensure that the lubrication part of good lubrication, the new machine when used, in 15 days it is best to carry out a lot of lubrication. 

Nine, do not remove the protective cover under the circumstances of driving.