Nail Packing Machine Ready To Deliver To Russia

- Dec 16, 2020-

Nail packing machine 1

New generation of nail packaging machines of 3s Hardware International Company have been developed and manufactured .it will soon be shipped to customers in Russia.

The new generation of nail packaging machine adopts CNC control technology, precise electronic scale control, accurate measurement of the weight of nails, using plastic bags packaging, the maximum weight is 3KG. It has a high speed and can be weighed 120 times per minute. Using multi-head technology, there are 14 feed heads in total. 

By mathematical calculation, several qualified combinations are made from multiple weighing heads, and then the combinations closest to the target weight are picked out. The single weight of each feed head ranges from 10g to 1kg. So it increases the speed.

This machine is not only used for packing nails afterwards, but also suitable for weighing all kinds of granular and irregular shaped items on the assembly line.