Process Flow Of Nail Making Machine

- Jan 11, 2019-

Scrap Steel Bar-----a+b Type drawing machine-----nail Maker (optional)-----Polishing Machine-----Packaging Factory

Nail making machine is mainly divided into four parts, the most important is drawing.

Drawing-After the purchase of nail to determine what kind of steel bar to nail, such as new steel bars, waste steel bars and so on. Scrap steel wire Drawing is more troublesome than the new steel bar so fast, but the scrap steel bar its cost profit is very objective. Finished wire drawing, speed is relatively fast, save a part of the manpower.

System-Pull the silk good, through the automatic delivery of the line head, and then the pull of the wire and then send the line head inside, the production of the adjusted semi-finished product nails. Polishing-Put good semi-finished nails into the polishing machine inside polishing, polishing machine into sawdust, paraffin, gasoline and other chemical raw materials, after friction impact. Throw a glowing nail.