Production Characteristics And Adjustment Procedure Of Stitching Equipment

- Dec 08, 2020-

Production characteristics of stitching equipment

1. The nailing equipment uses high pressure hydraulic oil, low noise and low failure rate, and the circuit uses PLC integrated control for exquisite production.

2. Support extended transportation equipment, which can automatically select stitching equipment with high degree of automation, reduce the selection of stitching workers and reduce production costs.

3. The main parts and components are made in Taiwan and Japan.

4, reduce the material and forming segmentation control, easy to adjust, nail forming and nail row infinite length of adjustment, just adjust the length of various types of nails and feeding length of cutting die pad.

Stitching equipment adjustment procedure

1. Pressure adjustment: Pneumatic pressure is adjusted to 5.56kg.

2. Feeder adjustment: loosen the closing bolt, adjust the length of the screw, and adjust the closing and locking bolt. After adjusting the closing and locking bolt, the feeding photocell will be used as the feedforward stop light, and the rear light will not come off the feeder.