Requirements For The Design Of Grinding Treatment Of Nailing Machine Tools

- Dec 21, 2020-

  To make a complete nail, you need to start with the wire drawing process. In addition to the nail making machine, the whole process also needs to be equipped with a variety of auxiliary equipment, and their functions are different.

  It is not easy to complete these equipments, including wire drawing machine, knife sharpening machine, polishing machine, butt welding machine, point rolling machine and so on, their respective uses must be fully mastered.

  The wire-drawing machine is mainly used to pull the old or new reinforcement into wire or bar as required, so that its diameter, roundness, internal metallography structure, surface finish and straightening degree all meet the standard parts, and meet the raw material processing requirements for nail production.

  The sharpening machine is specially designed for the grinding process of the nailing machine tool.       Using the blade of the sharpening machine can make the nailing tool handle the nail tip better.

Polishing machine is to make the nail finished surface quality has been further improved, its finish increased;

  The butt welding machine can be used to butt the wire and deal with the wire breaking problem in the drawing process of raw materials.

The latter is a device for processing the tips of nails to make them easier to pass through the wire drawing machine.