Second Generation Automatic High Speed Nail Making Machine,the Capacity Is 760 PCS/1 Minute

- Dec 11, 2020-

"Second Generation Automatic High Speed Nail Making Machine,the capacity is 760 PCS/1 Minute,running stablely.And we provide zero risk promise......guarented!


          Your buying benefits

1)      The day capacity of the machine: 2.0-3.5MM-(45-90)MM:760PCS/1Minute;


2)The percent of pass is 99.99%.This will reduce the wastage of the steel wire.


3)The production quality of this machine is guaranteed as follows:


When the problems of long and short nails and large and small caps appear,the machine will shutdown automatically.So,the steel wire will not be wasted.The operator  will immediately adjust to eliminate the problem of long and short nails and large and small caps on the panel.


4)One operator can operate 3-5 sets of the machine.When the operator left the machine,the steel wire will be finished automatically.So,in this way,the working capacity of the quality inspector will be greatly reduced(The machine will ignore the existence of the quality inspector)


5)This machine greatly reduces the loss of die cutter.


6)The stability of the machine is high because if the operator does not change the dies specs,the machine does not need to be maintenanced for more than half a year.

7)The machine can produce the nails of different specs of 2.0-3.5MM-(45-90)MM.If you want buy the the machine of this spec nails,do not miss the good chance.


8)This machine absorbed the experience of several generations of high speed nail making machines,and meet the requirements of the current market,so,it is approved and greeted by the potential customers.


8)The machine can ensure the safety of the operators(Except the human factors and force majeure)