The Historical Evolution Of Stapler

- Jan 11, 2019-

The earliest possible use of the stapler was King Louis XV 15.

The staples he used were carefully crafted with the royal logo on them, which was used to bind royal documents together. 1868 Charles Goulde Charles Gould obtained a British patent for a wire stapler. He uses wire to make the material, cut the wire into a certain length, the wire tip hard through the paper and then fold down.

This is a direct prototype of a modern stapler.

1869, Thomas Briggs., Boston, Massachusetts, invented a machine that could take on the role. He founded a "Boston Wire binding Machine Company" that manufactures and sells the machine. His machine rolled the wire and bent it into a U-shaped shape, then used it to nail through the pages, and finally bent the book properly to secure it. Briggs ' original stapler was quite complicated because it had so many steps to operate.