The Outlets Used For Clearance May Be The Next SITE Of Amazon

- Apr 02, 2021-

According to foreign media reports, Amazon is considering a large-scale sale of household items and 3C products that have been stockpiled since the outbreak.

According to a person familiar with the situation, although the starting point of the clearance activity is to empty redundant inventory, it is an opportunity for consumers to copy good things at a low price. Amazon will treat the processed inventory equally and keep the surplus of the product as much as possible. Value, kills two birds with one stone.

Consumers can buy unsalable goods through Amazon Outlet stores, while in Amazon warehouse centers, consumers can buy returned and second-hand goods. In addition, supporting suppliers to recover overstocked inventory is also one of Amazon’s current main policies. .

Outlet stores will follow the standards of Amazon’s 4-star store and mainly display some small products, such as household goods, 3C products, toys, baby products and kitchen supplies. Clothing products will not be put on the shelves. Occupies a lot of space, and the input and output are relatively small. Amazon is also considering opening flash or fixed product booths in shopping malls or parking lots to respond to consumers' shopping needs.

The epidemic came suddenly, Amazon shifted its focus to fresh food distribution and affected by the epidemic, delayed logistics services led to consumer complaints and other incidents, so the clearing activities that have not yet been put on the shelf have been put on the shelf.

In recent years, brand stores such as TJX and Ross Stores that provide low-special products, despite the impact of online shopping, their performance in reality is still eye-catching.

Macy's (Macy's) launched Backstage in 2015. Its market performance in the last quarter of last year (2020) exceeded that of its full-line stores by more than three times; Dick's Sporting Goods has since launched its low-price concept store last year (the store is mainly engaged in apparel And footwear products), expanding rapidly; Best Buy’s outlet store started in 2016 and currently has 14 stores across the United States.

Unsalable products from third-party sellers may also be added to Amazon's "special carnival".

On March 31, Amazon sent a letter (Amway) to FBA sellers. Amazon's outlet stores will bring many benefits to sellers. The original text reads: Amazon outlets can help sellers increase sales and improve cash flow. , Optimize inventory, reduce storage costs, and so on. In view of the current market trends, Amazon promises to increase courtyard, sports, outdoor, tools, home decoration and clothing products to respond to the needs of sellers.