The Situation Needing Attention When Installing The Rolling Machine Equipment

- Jun 10, 2020-

The wire rolling machine is a kind of equipment used in the cold extrusion processing, which can finish all kinds of processing work on the workpiece. In order to make it have a better effect when it is used, there are many aspects to pay attention to when it is installed.

1. When installing the rolling machine, make sure its grounding is reliable. It is better to install a proper fuse device in the incoming power supply. In order to make the operator safer when using, it is better to install a leakage protection device. In addition, when installing the lead-in power line, it is better to adopt the form of buried.

2. Turn on the electrical box equipment, and carefully check whether all the terminals in it are loose. If any problem is found, tighten them immediately. It is also necessary to check the status of the wires to ensure that they are complete and free from the problem of broken skin. When problems are found, they should be replaced in a timely manner.

3. During the test run after the power supply is connected, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the hydraulic motor to ensure that it is rotating clockwise. In addition, the cooling water pump is also a very important part. If it is connected reversely, the coolant will not come out, or it will come out very little. The main motor can be ignored. It is decided to rotate to the left or right according to the selection switch on the panel of the workpiece processed and the rolling die used. If the phase sequence is wrong, just change the position of the two phase lines in the power line at will. If the rotation direction of the hydraulic pump and the cooling water pump is opposite, the wire in the junction box of the hydraulic motor can be replaced.

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